DREMEL® DSM20 Multipurpose Cutting Set (DSM705)


The Dremel DSM20 Multipurpose Cutting Set contains 7 Dremel DSM20 cutting accessories which allows for the performance of a diverse range of cutting applications including flush, plunge and straight cuts in a wide variety of different materials.

Order number

7 Accessories

DSM500 (1)

DREMEL® DSM20 Multipurpose Carbide Cutting Wheel

DSM510 (2)

DREMEL® DSM20 Metal and Plastic Cutting Wheel

DSM520 (2)

DREMEL® DSM20 Masonry Cutting Wheel

DSM540 (1)

DREMEL® DSM20 Diamond Tile Cutting Wheel

DSM600 (1)

DREMEL® DSM20 Multipurpose Carbide Flush Cutting Wheel

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