DREMEL® Glue Gun

The Dremel glue gun is the most richly featured glue gun in the market. Its innovative design and numerous features make it very user friendly and easy to use. The features are specially designed for making the job of glueing easier. The glue gun is the ideal tool for a wide variety of projects: model building, woodworking, scrapbooking or casemodding.

Retired product

This product is now retired.
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Retired product

Features and benefits

  • Dual temp: for working on a wide range of materials
  • LED light: lights the area you’re working on
  • Kick-stand: one hand operated kick-stand provides stable placement on the work surface
  • Large 3 finger trigger: allows precise applying of glue
  • Big foot: Offers stability when placed on the work surface
  • Soft grip: for comfortable hold
  • Standard glue stick size: to make it compatible with wide array of glues
  • Indicator lights: tell you when the gun is ready to operate
  • 3-way switch: select the right temp setting for the project at hand

Technical specifications

Rated power input
30 W
230 V
0,36 kg
Dual temperature
120 / 195 °C

Instruction Manual

Download PDF 1.2 MB

Available Kits

Please note: There is a difference in product assortment between USA and Europe / Middle East / Africa.