DREMEL® Glue Gun 910

Compact glue gun – For intricate and quick gluing in all light DIY jobs

The Dremel 910 is a high temperature (165 °C) glue gun with a drip-control precision tip. Because of its compact size and good ergonomics (T-handle, stable base, extendable stand) it is ideal for quick light DIY jobs around the house, such as gluing ceramics, wood, plastics, glass, etc. Suitable for 7mm glue sticks.

Features and benefits

  • Drip control: to prevent dripping glue onto the project
  • High temperature setting (165 °C): for usage with high melt glue sticks
  • Precision tip: for intricate gluing
  • Silicon nozzle sleeves: to prevent from burning
  • Extendable plastic stand: to easily position glue gun in a stable way
  • Heat-up time of 5mins: for quick operation
  • Ergonomic T-handle: a good tool balance makes operating the tool easy and comfortable
  • Easy to push trigger: little force needed to press the trigger for constant flow of glue
  • Glue output +- 5g/min
  • Suitable for 7 mm glue sticks

Technical specifications

100 - 240 V
0,24 kg
14 cm
3,7 cm
15 cm
High temperature
165 °C
Glue stick diameter
7 mm
Precision tip
Dual temperature
Removable cord
Drip control

Available Kits

Please note: There is a difference in product assortment between USA and Europe / Middle East / Africa.