DREMEL® Glue Gun 930 (930-18 Hobby)

Dual temperature glue gun – Tackle both creative and light DIY jobs

The Dremel 930 is a dual-temperature glue gun especially suitable for detailed gluing. In low temperature setting the tool is ideal for a variety of creative hobby applications, such as scrapbooking, decorating, colour gluing on glass, etc. Together with the included 7 mm colour sticks* you can make beautiful decorations. For light DIY jobs around the house, such as gluing ceramics, wood, plastics, glass, use the high temperature setting. Thanks to its drip-controlled precision tip you will not spill glue on your project. * Please note that for the Dremel 930 Glue Gun we are changing glue sticks from glitter sticks to colour sticks during 2015 / 2016.

Packaging Contents

  • 930 Glue Gun
  • 3x Dremel 7 mm Multipurpose Low Temp Glue Sticks
  • 3x Dremel 7 mm Multipurpose High Temp Glue Sticks
  • 12 x Dremel 7mm Colour Sticks
  • Instruction manual

Technical specifications

100 - 240 V
0,20 kg
140 cm
4 cm
16 cm
Battery technology
Dual temperature
105 / 165 °C
Glue stick diameter
7 mm
Order number

18 Accessories

GG02 (3)

DREMEL® 7 mm Multipurpose Low Temp Glue Sticks

GG01 (3)

DREMEL® 7 mm Multipurpose High Temp Glue Sticks

GG05 (12)

DREMEL® 7 mm Colour Sticks

Please note: There is a difference in product assortment between USA and Europe / Middle East / Africa.