The new Dremel TRIO is the ultimate tool for everyone involved in general hands-on projects in and around the house. The Dremel TRIO has a 3 in 1 Spiral System which enables you to cut, sand and rout with 1 and the same tool. This versatile, compact and lightweight tool is very powerful! The Dremel TRIO has superior ergonomics, a 2 position handle and variable speed which ensures the most optimal rate for working in different materials. With its 360° spiral cutting technology and plunge-cut ability, the tool makes quick and freehand cuts in wood, plastic, drywall, metal, and wall tile. Next to that there are also dedicated TRIO sanding and routing accessories and attachments, so this tool will complete your project from start to finish! Dremel Trio 3 in 1 Spiral System: Cut, Sand and Rout.

Retired product

Retired product

Features and benefits

  • Cuts, Sands and Routs: one tool, multiple applications.
  • Soft start: smooth start without jerk effect.
  • Electronic feedback: maintains speed under load for better finish of workpiece.
  • Adjustable RPM: for precise working in different materials and applications.
  • Pivoting handle: easier work orientation (horizontal & vertical).
  • Pistol grip: comfortable handling.
  • Adjustable working depth: for working in various material thickness.
  • Non marring foot: won't scratch delicate surfaces.
  • Second Hand Grip zone: for maximum control.
  • Compact foot: allows working closer to corners and edges. Also reduces the weight of the tool.
  • Vacuum Attachment: for cleaner working environment.
  • (Compatible only with TRIO accessories (shank diameter: 4,8 mm))

Technical specifications

Rated power input
200 W
230 - 240 V
1,20 kg
21,5 cm
No load speed
10.000 - 20.000 1/min
Sound pressure
71 dB(A)
Sound power
82 dB(A)
2,2 - 5,1 m/s²

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