DREMEL® Multipurpose Router Bit Set (660)

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The 7 piece Dremel Multipurpose Router Bit Set contains all seven of Dremel's high quality routing accessories. With this accessory set you can perform a diverse range of routing applications; Edge, Corner, Straight, Keyhole, Word & Letter Routing in a variety of materials including but not limited to Hardwood, Softwood, Plywood and Laminates. Rout slots in doors to fix new door handles, design and rout your own kitchen cabinets or create your own house number. Conveniently store your bits in the included wooden box.

Order number

7 Accessories

612 (1)

Router Bit (HSS) 9,5 mm

615 (1)

Router Bit (HSS) 9,5 mm

640 (1)

Router Bit (HSS) 6,4 mm

650 (1)

Router Bit (HSS) 3,2 mm

652 (1)

Router Bit (HSS) 4,8 mm

654 (1)

Router Bit (HSS) 6,4 mm

655 (1)

Router Bit (HSS) 8,0 mm

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