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Високопроизводителен диск за рязане, 24 mm (420)

За по-трудно рязане в дърво и закалена стомана


Описание на продукта

What can you do with it?
Good for slicing, making straight cuts and slots in all kinds of metal, like hardened steel, sheets metal or aluminum.
Easily cut bolts, or make slots in rusted and/or stripped bolts / screws for removal with a screwdriver.

How to use?
Use with 402 Mandrel: unscrew the top screw on the mandrel using the wrench, put the screw through the middle hole of the disk and screw it back on the mandrel.

If using the metal cutting wheels, cut on high speed – use light pressure. The wheels will last longer and cut faster if light pressure is used rather than heavy pressure and there is less risk of breaking it.
Since these disks are abrasive, the diameter of the wheel is going to wear away. If the wheel becomes too small to execute the cut, stop the cut and replace the wheel.

When using a cut-off wheel, we recommend using a two handed golf like grip to hold and guide the tool and go for a right angle. If you angle the wheel in the cut, the wheel will probably break.
Materials to use on

This cut-off disk can be used on different metal types, like aluminum, copper, cast iron. But also for short cuts in plastic or brick.
On materials like a galvanized metal (Ductwork) or hardened steel, it’s best to use reinforced cut-off wheel (426)

Recommended speed

Aluminium 35000
Brass 35000
Copper 35000
Plastic 10-15000
Steel 35000

Железни отливки
Сухо строителство/гипсова мазилка
Пластмаси усилени със стъклени влакна
Закалена стомана
Мек метал
Неръждаема стомана

Съдържание на опаковката

Каталожен номер

Технически спецификации

Максимална работна дълбочина
10,0 mm
Максимални обороти об./мин.
35.000 об./мин.
Диаметър на опашката
3,2 mm
Работен диаметър
24,0 mm

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