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All of the tools, accessories and attachments you need for making your detailed DIY projects perfect.


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We all know the Dremel Stylo+ is the perfect tool for Arts & Crafts and now it is official! Recognised as the top awards for the best innovations in the DIY sector, the Creative Impulse Awards took place in January and we are pleased to announce the Dremel Stylo+ won the coveted Creative Tool of the Year 2019.

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DREMEL® Fortiflex is the ideal tool for stationary projects. The combination of the powerful hanging motor (300W), the foot pedal for control, the motor speed and the exchangeable hand piece makes it a perfect tool for your everyday projects.

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From sanding tools to sandpaper grits, we’ll explain how you can brush up on the basics of sanding. Learn the difference between Sanding Wheels and Sanding Discs in our helpful sanding fact sheet. Ready to go?

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Maybe you’ve tried working with a hot melt glue gun in the past, but you’ve not quite mastered it, or you’re a complete beginner. Either way, we have everything you need in order to become proficient using a glue gun; whether it’s for DIY, home décor or creative projects.


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Discover many new projects for you to get your hands on from home maintenance to car care to general and seasonal home decoration. Get step-by-step guidance and find tons of new uses for your tools.

Personal fireplace Add some ambiance to your outdoor party with a personal fireplace.

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Decorative Planters Personalize your garden space and create unique gifts this season by etching terracotta painted pots.

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The Dremel high speed Multi-Tool is an entire system of functional options that centre around a core tool. The Dremel Multi-Tool System comprises of tools, accessories (including EZ SpeedClic) and attachments.


Are you itching to make your home a place of inspiration or create personal DIY gifts for your beloved ones? We show you what tools and accessories are the perfect match to your inner crafter and guide you through various easy DIY projects that will astound everyone! 


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