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Build a chessboard

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Step 1

Gather your materials; Wood, wood glue, sandpaper, paint and DREMEL DSM20.

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Step 2

Begin by cutting the wood into 8 strips, all 2 inches wide, using your DSM20. Paint 4 black and 4 white.

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Step 3

Carefully edge-glue them together, keeping the ends aligned. When the glue has dried, true up one end by crosscutting the assembled panel on your table.

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Step 4

Next, recut the panel into eight 2 inches-wide strips.

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Step 5

Now cut the piece of wood in 4 strips to create the frame.

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Step 6

Cut the base to the same proportion of the frame.

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Step 7

Glue all of the pieces in place. Measure where the strip will go and then cover that section of the board in glue, gluing and then placing one row at a time. Remember to alternate the square colors.

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Step 8

Done! You're now ready to add the chess pieces you can create using your Dremel Idea Builder.

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