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Cleaning a Corroded Battery

Disconnect the cable clamps from the battery (negative/black first and then positive/red). Reconnect the cables to the battery securely (positive/red first and then negative/black). Any looseness in the cables can prevent your car from starting so tighten them securely.

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Step 1

After loosening the cable clamps and battery holder, remove the battery from the vehicle.

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Step 2

Begin by cleaning the entire top of the battery of dirt and oxidation using baking soda and water.

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Step 3

While the battery is removed from the vehicle, clean the cable clamps until shiny with the 535 or 536 brass brush. Recommended speed: 15.000 rpm.

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Step 4

Re-install the battery in the vehicle. Lightly coat the connections with grease and re-attach the clamps.

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Other supplies

Baking Soda and Stiff Brush

Rubber Gloves

Wrench for Cable Clamp

Wrench to Remove Battery

Waterproof Grease