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Etched Bottle or Vase

Use a Dremel tool to etch glass vases for decoration or special occasions like weddings, showers, birthdays or anniversaries. Tip: Both clear and coloured glass can have dramatic effects when etched.

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Step 1

Test the different Dremel accessory bits and their effects on a piece of scrap glass before moving on to your work area.

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Step 2

Transferring your design to the vase: Method One. Draw your design freehand on the glass vase using a permanent marker.

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Step 3

Transferring your design to the vase: Method Two. Use a permanent marker on the outside of the vase to trace a photo or lettering that is taped to the inside of the vase.

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Step 4

Follow the pattern you drew on the glass using the Dremel Stylus and one of the accessory bits to etch your design directly onto the glass.

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