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Engraving master class with Maud Wigman

Engraving Glass: How to Become a Master

Want to see a glass-engraving master at work? Build on your own engraving skills with our inspiring masterclass with glass engraver Maud Wigman.

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Compare Dremel’s Engraving Accessories

Compare Dremel’s Engraving Accessories

Compare Dremel’s engraving accessories in this clear and simple fact sheet.

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Turn a salad bowl into a pendant lamp

Give It a Twist: Turn a salad bowl into a pendant lamp

Searching for your next engraving challenge? See how an everyday salad bowl is transformed into a unique pendant lamp.

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Avoid failures during your precision DIY projects

How to Avoid Failures During Your Next DIY Project

Want to avoid common mistakes while carving, engraving, routing, cutting, sanding, cleaning, polishing, grinding or sharpening? Read on, and help your next DIY project go smoothly.

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How to get started with engraving

Engraving: How to Get Started

From choosing the right material to picking the best Dremel accessories, explore our beginner’s guide to engraving and be inspired to get started.

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Engraving a drinking glass

Make it Yours: Engraving a Drinking Glass

We’ve rounded up some of the most inspirational Instagram posts to inspire you to try glass engraving yourself.

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Engraving a leather phone case

Step-by-Step Guide to Engraving Your Leather Phone Case

Curious about engraving and want to get started? Explore the long-loved art with our step-by-step guide to engraving your leather phone case.

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Step-by-Step Project: Engraving Jewellery

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Step-by-Step Project: Design unique class coasters

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