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Home office inspiration: upcycle a plain table into an organised desk.

Give It a Twist: Turn a Table Into a Modern Desk

With this inventive Dremel video, you’ll declutter your home office in an instant by upcycling an old table into a customised desk.

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Dremel’s Multi-Vise adds stability, precision and comfort to just about any DIY project

Shopping Guide: Essentials for Your Home Office Set-Up

Keen to make a DIY impact on your DIY home office set-up? Get going with these essential add-ons to your Dremel tool collection.

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You can easily create a plant hanger with your trusty Dremel Multi-Tool, to add some nature to your home office.

How to Start Improving Your Home Office

These tasteful tips and tricks, carefully selected by Dremel’s master makers, will boost your home office decor from basic to brilliant in a flash.

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DIY home office idea: make your own cable box.

How to Make a Cable Box

Is your desk covered in cables, wires and extension leads? Create this simple yet stylish cable box to hide them out of sight.

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Give It a Twist: Upcycle a Chopping Board Into a Phone Charger

While upcycling an unloved piece of wood, you’ll be updating your home office decor and practising your routing skills at the same time. A triple win!

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How to Start

Are you eager to polish your DIY skills, Dremel Multi-Tool in hand? With these starter guides you’ll gain valuable cutting, sanding and routing know-how.


DIY idea: make this eye-catching bookshelf to upgrade your home office.

Create a beautiful bookshelf

Follow our easy step-by-step guide to make this eye-catching addition to your home office while upgrading your DIY skills.

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Create space for ideas in your home office with this DIY idea board.

Make an idea board

A good way to organise your mind is to write things down. This idea board provides the perfect place, and it’s homemade to boot.

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Add a personal touch to your home office with this DIY wall clock.

Upcycle metal pieces into an arty wall clock

Put some personality on your home office wall with this unique wall clock, made by polishing and hanging your favourite metal ornaments.

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Do you want to avoid the most common mishaps when upgrading your home office with your Dremel Multi-Tool? Then read on for our clever lists of DIY dos and don’ts.

Learn how to use your Dremel Multi-Tool in the most efficient way.

How to avoid failures when using your Dremel Multi-Tool

From holding the tool in a loose grip to correctly picking and inserting the different attachments, here are the basic how-to’s when using your Dremel Multi-Tool.

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Explore the common pitfalls of sanding as a beginner – so you can learn what to avoid while sanding with a Dremel Multi-Tool.

How to avoid failures when sanding

For your sanding moves to result in smooth surfaces, all you have to do is keep these expert sanding tips in mind.

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Upgrade your skills to the highest level by watching these masterclasses.

Learn how to rout with a Dremel Multi-Tool by watching this extensive masterclass.

How to master routing

Watch this inspiring video and learn some exciting new routing techniques from one of Dremel’s master routers.

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In this masterclass, a DIY expert demonstrates sanding techniques while creating a wall organiser from recycled materials – fun idea for your home office!

How to become a sanding master

In this masterclass, our sanding expert will show you a range of sanding techniques while creating a wall organiser from recycled materials.

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