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Teye Wijnterp, founder of Teye Guitars, settled in Seville, where he customises guitars with his trusty Dremel Multi-Tool.

Extraordinary Maker: Teye Wijnterp

Meet Teye Wijnterp, guitar lover and founder of Teye Guitars. Discover how his passion blossomed into a craft, and be inspired to discover your own.

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Beginner’s guide to routing with the Dremel Multi-Tool

How to Get Started with Routing

From choosing router bits to holding the router tool – this beginner’s guide to routing will get you one step closer to your next DIY project.

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DIY: your very own floating shelf

Step-by-step guide to create a floating shelf

Are you looking to improve your DIY skills? Follow our step-by-step guide and put your router tool to good use by making a modern floating shelf.

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Grab your router tools and turn a chopping board into a wireless phone charger

Give It a Twist: Upcycle a Chopping Board into a Phone Charger

Take inspiration from our step-by-step tutorial and turn something old into something new. All you need is your Dremel, and a few router bits.

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DIY inspiration: customise your tabletop with a wood or metal inlay

Make It Yours: Customised Tabletops

We’ve rounded up some of the most inspiring Instagram posts of tabletops with wood or metal inlays. Take a look and get inspired!

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Learn how to Avoid Failures During Your Next DIY Project

How to Avoid Failures While Using Dremel’s Multi-Tool

Want to avoid common mistakes while carving, engraving, routing, cutting, sanding, cleaning, polishing, grinding or sharpening? Read on, and help your next DIY project go smoothly.

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Routing masterclass by Peter Heuveling

How to Become a Routing Master

Watch a master at work! Peter Heuveling explains which router bits to use, how to handle the Dremel Plunge Router and much more.

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Compare all router bits

Choose the Right Routing Accessory

Discover exactly which Dremel router bits you’ll need to complete your next DIY project.


Let us inspire you this winter with our latest Dremel kits, perfect for your creative project kits

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