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4 Ideas For: Outdoor Wall Decoration

Do you have one or more pieces of old wood lying around? Think twice before you throw them away. Pick up your sanding tools instead and get ready to reclaim them. Sanding is one of the simplest techniques to bring damaged, rough wood back to life. To get you started with a new wood sanding project, we’ve selected four of the most inspiring posts on outdoor wall decoration. Click through the links below, dust off your sanding tools and be inspired to brighten up your own outdoor wall.

Houston-based blogger The Styled Fox shows how simply old outdoor screens can be turned into art. Use your wood sanding tools to breathe new life into lattice work that’s seen better days.


A unique bird feeding station makes an eye-catching centrepiece. With sanding tools and vintage teacups, Dublin DIYer @daintydressdiaries has transformed an old wooden pallet into something special.


Indonesian interior fan @arra_asmara’s chic hanging wall planter (made from sanding down an old picture frame) is a great example of outdoor wall decor that’s as simple as it is impressive.


This wooden piece of wall art is perfect for nature lovers and will add a great look to your outdoor spaces. You can craft this wall decoration with Dutch teak and finish it using paint varnish.