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Making a Gourd Birdhouse

An 8" diameter gourd will provide enough room for most birds. A 1 3/8" hole is suitable for wrens, titmouses and nuthatches. A 1 5/8" hole is suitable for bluebirds, swallows and some woodpeckers. A 2" hole is suitable for purple martins and most woodpeckers. If the gourd is thick, you will need to get through the shell gradually with a less aggressive, more frequent pass. Two coats of spray polyurethane each year will help protect your gourd birdhouse from the elements.

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Step 1

Draw the size hole you want for the birdhouse entrance onto the gourd. The bigger the hole, the bigger the bird youÕll attract.

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Step 2

With the 125 high-speed cutter, remove the material for the entrance hole. Smooth the edges with the 952 grinding stone. Recommended speed: 20,000 rpm.

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Step 3

Put 4-5 drainage holes into the bottom of the gourd with the 124 high-speed cutter. This will help keep the gourd dry.

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Step 4

To hang it, put two holes into the neck of the gourd with the 628 drill bit. Run a leather shoelace through the holes and tie the ends in a knot.

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