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Making a Shell Bracelet

Shells harden with age, so newer shells will be easier to drill than ones that have been in your collection a while. You may need to adjust the speed of the Dremel rotary tool when drilling shell, but you should always advance the drill bit into the shell slowly (slow feed rate). Gradual drilling will extend the life of the drill bit. Diamond point 7134 requires a 481 collet.

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Step 1

Secure shell in a spring clamp.

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Step 2

For accurate drilling, mount a Dremel rotary tool in the Dremel Work Station attachment and use a 628 drill bit with a 483 collet to drill a hole into each shell to be stringed. You can use a 7134 diamond point bit to enlarge or smooth the hole. Recommended speed: Up to 35.000 rpm.

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Step 3

Using smooth-jaw pliers that won't scratch, fasten the shells to the bracelet using metal O-rings (available at craft or jewelry supply stores).

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Step 4

Adding a fancy gift box and some ribbon will make this gift a special memory.

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