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Multi-Tool System

The Dremel high speed Multi-Tool is an entire system of functional options that centre around a core tool. The Dremel Multi-Tool System comprises of tools, accessories (including EZ SpeedClic) and attachments. This system makes the tool multi-functional, versatile and easy to use. Whether you are an experienced craftsman or beginner this system is perfect for anyone looking for precision for a wide variety of applications.


Dremel has developed a number of high speed corded and cordless Multi-Tools. Every tool has specific features that makes it unique in its class. Dremel has developed each tool to meet the highest quality standards to optimise your enjoyment and comfort while working. Dremel Multi-Tool combined with the right accessory allows you to reach the perfect result in all applications. Its variable high speed make possible to carve, engrave, rout, sharp, grind, clean, polish, cut and sand all kind of materials.


The Dremel line has many different attachments which makes your Dremel Multi-Tool more versatile.
The Dremel attachments expand the usability of your Multi-Tool, so you can do your job with even more precision and ease. Dremel offers attachments to rout, control, cut, saw, sharpen and to reach.


Dremel offers you a wide variety of high quality accessories for different applications. To help you select the right accessories, Dremel has created a colour coding system: every colour represents a category of applications. No matter which materials you want to work with, Dremel has a solution for you.

How it works

Accessory Shank

The part of the Dremel accessory that is inserted into the tool. Most of the Dremel accessory shank sizes are 3.2mm. Other sizes include 2.4mm, 1.6mm and 0.8mm.

Collet Nut

Tightenin the collet nut forces the collet's fingers inward, securing accessories for use. Avoid excessive tightening.


The most precise way to hold an accessory in a high speed multitool. Even at high speeds and maximum pressure, collet stay tight. The collet is located undermeath the collet nut inside the tool's shaft.


Allows users to change accessories without the use of any collet in the tool. Works with the Dremel Corded and Cordless high speed multi-tools, and all attachments except the router, cutting guide, grout removal, chainsaw sharpening and lawnmower sharpening attachments.


The rotating part of the Dremel multitools where the collet is inserted. The shaft is threaded for attaching the collet nut or the MultiChuck.

Attaching an accessory to the tool using the collet and collet nut

  • Your tool comes with an 3.2 mm collet and collet nut.
  • Now determine the accessory shank size.
  • Select a collet to fit the shank diameter of the accessory.
  • Depress shaft lock button.
  • Loosen and remove collet nut.
  • Insert properly sized collet.
  • Replace but do not tighten collet nut.
  • Insert shank of accessory.
  • Tighten collet nut.


To Control

Dremel Multi-Vise (2500)

The Dremel 3 in 1 Multi-Vise. Stationary vise, stand alone clamp & toolholder clamps to any workbench, table or countertop.

Workstation (220)

This is the perfect solution for stationary work with your Dremel.

Flex-shaft tool Holder (2222)

Conveniently suspends your Dremel Multi-Tool above. The Dremel Detailer’s Grip attachment enables you to have even better control of your Multi-Tool when doing DIY, hobby and craft projects your workbench. The Dremel Shaping Platform enables you to sand and grind at perfect 90 and 45 degree angles.

To Cut

Multipurpose cutting kit (565)

Cutting a variety of materials.

Wall tile cutting Kit (566)

Includes cutting guide and bit for cutting and shaping ceramic wall tiles. (Not for use on floor tiles)

Wall & floor grout removal Kit (568)

For use on wall and floor grout.

Circle cutter (678)

Makes perfect round and straight cuts.

To Reach

Right angle attachment (575)

Enhances the versatility of your Dremel multitools by allowing you to get into hard-to-reach areas.

Flex-shaft (225)

Ideal for hard to reach places.

To Rout

Plunge router attachment (335)

Transforms your multitool into a router for edging, grooving and freehand routing.

To Saw

Mini saw (670)

Transforms your Dremel tool into a precision circular saw for fine, clear and straight cuts in all sorts of wood.

To Sharpen

Chainsaw sharpening attachment (1453)

Easily sharpen the dullest of chains.


Carving / Engraving / Routing

Dremel offers high quality carving, engraving and routing accessories for many different applications. Carving and engraving bits are the largest category of Dremel accessories. Their overall sharpness and durability allow them to last a long time when used properly. Router bits are used for edging and grooving wood, and making things like letter signs and picture frames.

Grinding / Sharpening

The accessories in this category have many practical, do-it-yourself applications. They accomplish the everyday, money-saving things like sharpening mower blades, boat propellers and chainsaw blades. They can also deburr, smooth, grind and clean a variety of materials around the home and garden.

Cleaning / Polishing

Dremel cleaning and polishing accessories include brushes, felt accessories and rubber points to work on steel, aluminium, brass, silver, gold and plastics.


Dremel provides two types of cutting accessories for any cutting job; Cut-off wheels and cutting bits.
Cut Off wheels Make it easy to cut or slot bolts, screws, sheet metal, thin wood and plastic. Fiberglass reinforced cut-off wheels are for tough application.
Cutting bits are used with the Dremel cutting guide and cut in a manner similar to spiral saw blades in any direction.


Dremel sanding accessories include sanding drums, bands, discs, flapwheels and abrasive buffs to remove and smoothen material.

Collets / Mandrels / Miscellaneous

This category features the miscellaneous extras, like drill bits, collets, mandrels and a multi-chuck. Mandrels are used to mount different accessories, like felt polishing wheels or cut –off wheels. Collets offer the most precise way to hold an accessory in a Multi-Tool. Even at high speeds, under maximum pressure, collets will stay tight.

EZ System

EZ SpeedClic

EZ SpeedClic is Dremel's unique quick-change system for rotary tool accessories. The high quality EZ SpeedClic accessories allow for quick, easy and keyless accessory changes, which means less time changing accessories and more time to work on your project for faster completion. These accessories are available for a wide range of applications from cutting to sanding and can be used in a diverse range of materials.

EZ Twist

There is no need for a wrench to tighten and loosen the collet when changing accessories, the wrench mechanism is integrated in the nose cap of the tool.

Dremel 3000