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Renovate mirror

Before rushing out to the shops to buy new things for your home, have a quick look around the house to see if you could renovate anything first. It’s much more satisfying and cheaper as well as being quick and easy to do. How about renovating a mirror for the bathroom, for example?

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Step 1

Mask off the mirror area close to the frame with masking tape. Prepare to sand off water-damaged area of frame.

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Step 2

Sand off stained and damaged area using Dremel 300 Series and SpeedClic Abrasive Buffs (coarse). Dremel - the world's top-selling powered multi-tool - has made it really quick and easy to change accessories via with its SpeedClic system. Just one mandrel is needed, with no wrenches or screws required either! Just pull the spring-fitted mandrel, twist and click for a keyless wheel change in less than 10 seconds - thanks to the unique metal insert shape and technology. The Abrasive Buffs pack includes one coarse and one medium non-woven abrasive for even sanding of irregular surfaces - ideal for restoring furniture or hardware, woodcarving and model-making - E4.49. The Fine Abrasive Buffs pack contains two fine buffs for the finishing touches when sanding wood - E4.49. SpeedClic accessories are compatible with the Dremel 300, Dremel 400 Series, Dremel 10.8V, Dremel Multipro, Dremel 7800 and Dremel Professional. Finish sanding off the rest of the frame.

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Step 3

Paint with light coloured emulsion or paint wash allowing some of the wood grain to show through - or if you prefer, paint and then sand to obtain a driftwood technique. If you wish, add a clear glaze or water-based varnish to seal in finish to desired look.

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