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Replacing a Gutter Corner

Use a two hand grip on the rotary tool when using a cut-off wheel. Keeping your gutters free of leaves and debris will keep water draining and help prevent the damage that standing water can do to your gutters.

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Step 1

Grind centering holes in the rivets that hold the gutter in place with the 997 grinding stone. Next, drill out the rivets with the 628 drill. Recommended speed: 25,000 rpm.

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Step 2

After removing the old corner, clear away the old sealant with the 144 high-speed cutter. Recommended speed: 25,000 rpm.

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Step 3

Position the new corner and drill holes for the pop rivets. When drilling, try to use the same holes from the old gutter corner.

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Step 4

Use a pop-rivet tool to install new, color-matching rivets. Then apply sealant to the joints (sparingly) so water doesnÕt become trapped.

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