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Restore Metal Patio Furniture

Age and exposure to the elements can leave your metal patio furniture with flaking paint and a rusted appearance. Relax and enjoy the outdoors once again when you use your Dremel rotary tool to give metal furniture a fresh look. Tip: The 425 polishing wheel requires the 402 mandrel.

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Step 1

Corrosion can form on metal outdoor furniture in areas that you do not see. This metal chair has a rusted corner beneath the seat cushion.

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Step 2

Remove rust from metal with the 428 carbon steel brush. Do not run in excess of 15.000 rpm.

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Step 3

Grind deep corrosion and rust down to bare metal using a 952 aluminum oxide grinding stone.

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Step 4

Sharp burs can be ground off using the 425 emery impregnated polishing wheel. The chair is now ready to prime and paint.

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