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Summer beach sandels

Indulge in the trend for beautiful beach sandals…

projectpicture for step1

Step 1

Position your Dremel blue plastic engraving template on the insole of the sandal and draw through it using a soft pencil. Repeat as necessary to build up the design. Invert the template and mirror the patterns on the opposite insole. If you don’t have a Dremel engraving template, buy something similar from your local hobby or craft store or online.

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Step 2

Using your Dremel Engraver with carbide engraving tip 9924, engrave along the pencil lines marked. Remove any remaining pencil marks with the eraser. Repeat on the other sandal.

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Step 3

Using a 7mm high temperature clear glue stick, set your Dremel Glue Gun 930 to hot to stick the metallic velvet ribbon along the strap of the sandal, threading it through the loop on the T-bar if necessary and trimming the ends at an angle where the ribbon meets the insole. Repeat on the other sandal.

projectpicture for step4

Step 4

Take your Dremel Glue Gun 930 and 7mm high temperature clear glue stick, dot hot glue to stick a flat-backed gem in the centre of a cup sequin, then another dot to glue the sequin to the centre of the mirror on the embroidered decoration. Prepare two more decorations. Glue the first decoration centrally on the loop at the top of the T-bar. Glue a decoration either side. Repeat to complete the other sandal.

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Metallic velvet ribbon, the same width as the straps you want to decorate

Embroidered mirror and sequinned decorations

Cup shape sequins

Flat-backed gems

Soft pencil