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DREMEL® 300 Series

Product description

The Dremel 300 series is the new Dremel Multi-Tool, which is unique for its ergonomic design and offers the user a comfortable grip with a convenient lightweight housing. The Dremel 300 Series is the ideal tool for users that like to perform detailed tasks, whether it’s occasionally or regularly. Use the high quality Dremel accessories and attachments, to discover numerous possibilities: detailed sanding, precise routing, polishing for a great finish or even cutting through all kinds of materials, the only limit is your imagination. With the Dremel 300 Series, Dremel offers great quality at a very affordable price.

Retired Toolkits (3)

technical specifications

0.55 kg
No load speed
10,000 - 33,000 1/min
Sound power
80 dB(A)
2.5 m/s²