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DREMEL® Stylus Lithium-Ion

Product description

The unique size and design of the Dremel® Stylus Lithium-Ion makes this tool very convenient to use, resulting in maximum precision and control. The ergonomics of the Dremel Stylus offer maximum maneuverability, allowing the user to reach high levels of precision. This new Dremel tool is designed for people, engaged in creative hands-on projects where precision is of the utmost importance. Projects such as (glass) engraving, model building, creative in-house decorating, etc. Dremel Stylus, Precision Redefined.

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technical specifications

Battery voltage
7.2 V
Battery capacity
1.0 Ah
Charging time
5 h
0.295 kg
13.5 cm
No load speed
5,000 - 25,000 1/min
Battery technology
Sound power
69 dB(A)
0.2 m/s²