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Build a terrarium

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Step 1

In order to build the 3D printed Terrarium, you will need to print off six individual pices: You will need four side pieces, one bottom piece and one stand piece.

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Step 2

Once you have all of the pieces printed, you are now able to start making the windows to the terrarium. In do this, Dremel recommends that you cut clear Plexiglas or plastic sheets with a craft knife or box-cutting tool.

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Step 3

In order to size these pieces correctly before cutting, trace the individual panels on your choice of window material. Once you have the outlines marked out, use a ruler as a guide to cut along the pre-marked lines.

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Step 4

Now that the windows are cut out, you can place them into the Terrarium window frames. We recommend that you use a hot-glue gun to firmly attach the window pieces to the frame and to obtain the cleanest finish while assembling the windows, we recommend that you lay a thin bead of hot glue along parallel edges of the frame.

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Step 5

While glue is still hot, lay the pre-cut window in and firmly press down to ensure a tight seal.

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Step 6

On the opposite parallel edges, lay a thin layer of glue on top of the window as close as possible to the edge of the window frame.

projectpicture for step7

Step 7

Now that the windows are fully assembled, you are able to assemble the structure to the finished product. We recommend that you use a hot-glue gun to firmly attach the windows together into the finished Terrarium. To ease construction, place the bottom piece of the Terrarium in the center of your work surface. Place the remaining windows around the bottom piece so that you are visually able to construct the terrarium. Apply a generous amount of glue to the groove on the bottom piece of the Terrarium and insert the tongue of one of the windows into this groove. Make sure that the smooth edge is facing up.

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Step 8

Apply glue to both the tongue of the piece you have just attached, as well as the perpendicular groove on the bottom piece of the terrarium. Repeat steps 7 and 8 until completion.

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Step 9

Now that the Terrarium is complete, place it on the base at an angle that prevents the contents from falling out . Fill the terrarium with soil, and plants to cheer up any room!

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