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Cleaning a Grill

Age, heavy use, and weather can leave your barbecue grill with a dull finish and rusted. Get ready for a new grilling season with a fresh-looking grill when you use your Dremel rotary tool to prepare it for painting and remove cooking residue. Tip: If you scrub the hot cooking grate with a grill brush immediately after cooking you will minimize grime build-up.

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Step 1

On metal surfaces, remove surface corrosion by grinding rusted areas to the base metal with the 932 aluminum oxide grinding stone. The cleaned metal is now ready to prime and paint.

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Step 2

Remove rust from metal and corrosion from aluminum with the 511 abrasive buff. Do not run in excess of 15.000 rpm.

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Step 3

The 511 abrasive buff can also remove grime from the cooking grate. After the grill is clean, treat it with vegetable oil to prevent food from sticking.

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