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Create an Herb Solarium

Begin starter plants early this season or keep fresh herbs in your kitchen year-round with this reflective, water-retaining table-top solarium.

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Step 1

Measure the dimensions of metal you will need to cut: Measure the bottom of the wooden tray, adding 2.5 cm in length and width to allow for extra lining up the tray walls. TIP: When cutting metal, wear work gloves and eye protection to avoid injury. Be sure to secure your workpiece to a tabletop with a clamp before cutting.

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Step 2

Cut your marked lines using the Dremel® DSM20 and DSM510 Metal Cutting Blade.

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Step 3

Mark lines in all 4 corners of the sheet metal, 1 cm from the edges and make cuts 1 cm deep. TIP: Use the A550 Comfort Guard for increased comfort from sparks. You still need to wear proper safety gear- work gloves and eye protection.

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Step 4

Using the edge of your tabletop as your guide- fold 3 of the 1 cm walls of the lining to your solarium.

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Step 5

Lay a small piece of wood inside the lining to help you complete your last fold. Lay your sheet metal lining into a wooden tray. Add terracotta potted plants and water. TIP: Folding a perfect crease may be difficult. Once you have set the metal lining in your tray, you may need to pound into place using a rubber mallet.

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Other supplies

Wooden Tray

Thin Sheet Metal

Small Piece of Wood

Rubber Mallet (if needed)

Measuring Tape

Work Gloves