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Cutting and fitting trellis to a courtyard garden

Why not make something beautiful out of a small bare paved courtyard. Add some tiling, a raised flowerbed, some pots and some painted trellis – plus some gorgeous scented plants – and sit back with a glass of wine and a book. It’s worth the effort and needn’t take long using your clever Dremel® 8200. Simply follow our step-by-step guide and use our images to inspire you!

projectpicture for step1

Step 1

Measure your courtyard walls for the trellis and buy it in standard lengths from your nearest DIY superstore. For our courtyard garden, we chose pre-stained wood in green with an arched end. If the standard length doesn’t fit your wall, lay it on your trestle table and taking your Dremel® 8200, SpeedClic Mandrel and SpeedClic Wood Cutting Wheel SC544 cut through the wood to the desired length. (Similarly, if you can’t find arched trellis, then mark up your arch onto the trellis and cut through each section in the same way.)

projectpicture for step2

Step 2

Sand the cut ends to ensure a smooth finish using your Dremel® 8200, Sanding Mandrel and Sanding Band 13 mm grit 60 (SC407).

projectpicture for step3

Step 3

Mount batons on wall, then using your Dremel® 8200 and Dremel® drill bit 150 3,2 mm from the Precision Drill Bit set 628, drill through trellis and into the baton onto your courtyard wall. This way your plants will have space to climb behind and around your trellis. We have inverted our trellis to put the straight side at the top and the arched at the bottom as a design feature. If you do this you will need to stain the top edge of your trellis to match the rest of it.

projectpicture for step4

Step 4

This is what your trellis should look like on your wall without plants. If you had to cut an arch for your trellis because you couldn’t find any arched trellis locally, you will have needed to create a curved piece of wood to finish off the arch, as shown.

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