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Cut Wire Shelving

Use a two hand grip on the rotary tool when using a cut-off wheel. The wheels will wear when cutting the wire shelving. If you have several shelves to cut, you may need several cut-off wheels to complete the job.

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Step 1

Metal shelving kits can be easily custom-fit into your closet to create more storage.

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Step 2

Begin by measuring the width of your closet space. Mark that measurement directly onto the shelf with a pencil at several locations across the width of the shelf to ensure a straight cut.

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Step 3

Clamp the shelf to a stable work area to prevent movement as you run the 426 cut-off wheel along your marks. Recommended speed: 35.000 rpm.

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Step 4

Finish by smoothing the new edge with the #407 drum sander. The shelf is ready to install.

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