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Design a Wooden Bowl

Design a Wooden Bowl

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Step 1

We’ve used a 14cm x 6cm wooden avocado bowl. However, this design is suitable for just about any size or shape of wooden bowl. It’s also particularly easy to engrave. The first step is use a soft pencil to draw simple flower motifs over the surface of the bowl. Our flowers measure 3cm diameter but you don’t need to be exact when drawing the design. Variations in size won’t spoil the effect at all.

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Step 2

We recommend that the Dremel Multi-Vise 2500 is used to hold the bowl as you work. Set the Dremel 300 Series on speed 4 with the High Speed Cutter 192. Hold the tool at a slight angle, rest the tip in position and proceed to engrave one of the flowers. You don’t need to apply pressure. Imagine you’re drawing with a pencil and just work as smoothly as you can.

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Step 3

Work in this way to complete the design then use a soft eraser to remove any pencil marks that still show.

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Step 4

Using the same tools and techniques you can easily create new designs.

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