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DREMEL® DigiLab 3D Printer 3D40 FLEX

The 3D printer that provides you what you really need - efficiency, high quality and easy print removal.

Product description

Explore your imagination. From gadgets to toys to spare parts for your DIY projects, easily print your 3D objects. Easy set-up with semi-auto quick leveling of the build platform and Wi-Fi for remote printing allow you to start bringing your ideas to life in no time.

  • Easy, safe removal of 3D printed models due to flexible metal build plate
  • Maximise utilisation of the machine: Draft mode printing profile allows to print up to 30% faster than low resolution
  • Better print results: more intricate and detailed designs with the improved 50 micron ultra high print resolution combined with guided 2-point semi automated leveling
  • Optimal safety and less chance for warping of large objects thanks to fully enclosed sturdy plastic design with a 254 x 152 x 170 mm build volume
  • No installation needed: Fast out of the box use thanks to the easy setup supported by the user-friendly touchscreen control center on the hardware
  • Fully operational even without connecting it to a computer; 3D prints can be started directly from the touchscreen via access to a USB stick or interal 4 GB storage, while firmware updates can automatically be accessed via Wi-Fi
  • Supported filament: PLA in 11 different colours

Available Toolkits (1)

technical specifications

16.00 kg
51.5 cm
40 cm