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DREMEL® 3000

Multi-Tool – Quick. Compact. All-round.

Product description

Work on your DIY projects comfortably for extended periods of time. This all-round Multi-Tool with interchangeable accessories and attachments allows you to tackle almost any detailed task that requires a perfect finish with just one machine. Go from cutting to trimming to polishing. Combined with a resourceful fan design and side vents, the ball bearing motor construction affords a cool-running tool with low noise and vibration, even under high load. The symmetrical design and lightweight housing give you a strong and fitted grip for high manoeuvrability and no fatigue. Be in total control of your project.

  • Most popular Multi-Tool
  • Work on your DIY projects for extended periods of time
  • Perfectly finish the last step of your project
  • Carving, engraving, routing, cutting, sanding, grinding, sharpening, polishing and cleaning. Tons of applications, thousands of projects.

Available Toolkits

technical specifications

Rated power input
130 W
Rated power input
230 V
0.55 kg
No load speed
10.000 - 33.000 1/min
Battery technology
Speed setting
Accessory quick change system
Yes: EZ Twist

Versatility indicator


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