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Dremel Engraved Candles

Dremel Engraved Candles

projectpicture for step1

Step 1

Cut a piece of paper to fit around the candle. Draw a design onto it with a pen using wavy lines, leaves, star shapes and dots. Wrap it around the candle and hold it in place with masking tape. Draw over the design with a pencil to transfer the shapes to the candle.

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Step 2

Using the Dremel 300 series and the Engraving cutter 105, start to engrave the design into the wax, wiping the excess wax off the candle as you go.

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Step 3

Finish the design with smaller details using the tool, adding dots and star for an all over pattern. Try different designs on other candles and display in a group.

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Step 4

Finished Project

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Other supplies


Masking tape

Paper, pen and pencil for the template