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Dremel Wooden Christmas Decorations

Dremel Wooden Christmas Decorations

projectpicture for step1

Step 1

Make a template from card by drawing a heart or star shape onto card and cutting it out. Draw around the templates onto balsa wood. Put the balsa wood into the vice to hold it steady. Using the cutting wheel 409 on the Dremel 300 series, cut along the pencil lines to form the shape. Turn the balsa wood in the vice so that all sides can be cut.

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Step 2

Make a hole in the top of each shape with the correct tip in the 300 series. Paint both sides of each shape and leave the paint to dry completely. Using the ratchet small clamp 2515 to hold the painted stars and hearts, sand along the edges of the shapes using the sanding band 403 in the 300 series. Run the tool gently along the edges of the shapes to distress them slightly.

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Step 3

Using the glitter glue sticks GS2 in the Glue Gun 1200, decorate the wooden shapes with dots of varying sizes. Thread a length of ribbon through the hole at the top and finish with a knot.

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Step 4

Finished Project

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Other supplies

Balsa wood

Card for a template, pencil and scissors

Red and cream paint and brush