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Etch Glass

Low and medium speeds work best for etching glass. Using the 225 Flex Shaft attachment removes the weight of the tool from your hand and allows for precise and delicate movements. When etching in glass remember the diamond points will provide the finest line, the silicone carbide stones will provide the thickest line and the tungsten carbide lines will provide the deepest line. Dremel recommends the book "Easy Glass Etching" by Marlis Cornet, published by Sterling Publishing Co. for more information on glass etching.

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Step 1

First, find an image to be transferred to the glass. Secure the glass pane over your image using masking tape.

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Step 2

Use a Dremel rotary tool to carefully trace the image located underneath the glass with small strokes. Dremel accessory bits for glass etching include carbide cutters, diamond wheel points and silicon carbide grinding stones. Recommended speed: 25,000 rpm.

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Step 3

Be creative. Use scrap glass to try out different genuine Dremel accessories to explore the various effects prior to using the application on your final work area.

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Step 4

Decorate glass bottles, windows, vases, mirrors or etch the logo of your favorite sports team on drink ware.

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