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Making Terra Cotta Luminaries

When working through the terra cotta, it is best to wear the terra cotta away with a less aggressive, more frequent pass. It is not possible to plunge the bit through the terra cotta. You can paint the terra cotta in seasonal colors or leave it natural. You can turn a terra cotta pot upside down over a terra cotta saucer to create a covered luminary.

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Step 1

On the terra-cotta pot, draw or trace your design with a marker or pencil.

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Step 2

With the 9903 tungsten carbide cutter, carefully cut out your design. Recommended speed: 35.000 rpm.

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Step 3

Use a silicon carbide grinding stone, such as the 84922, to smooth the edges. Recommended speed: 35.000 rpm.

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Step 4

Insert a votive candle in the pot to decorate your entryway, patio or garden.

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