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Quick Kitchen Makeover

Install a Chef’s vegetable basin, designer tap and new worktop for a quick kitchen makeover to be proud of…

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Step 1

Mark up the circumference of your new Chef's vegetable basin about half a metre away from your existing sink. Then, draw the lip of the basin inside the bowl, measuring it first and rubbing out the outer line.

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Step 2

Then, plunge cut the ceramic tiled worktop using the Dremel TRIO and the tile cutting bit (TR562) Or for a bit of extra help, add the TRIO's circle cutter to help you cut a perfect circle (with a maximum radius of 160 mm). Cut back the wood underneath on the same line, this time using the Dremel TRIO, the multipurpose carbide cutting bit (TR563) either freehand or with the circle cutter.

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Step 3

In the same way, mark up the circumference of the base of your designer tap on the ceramic tiled worktop around 15 cms away from the hole you have cut for your Chef's vegetable sink. Then, plunge cut with the Dremel TRIO, tile cutting bit (TR562)

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Step 4

Place the Chef's vegetable sink into position having beaded clear silicon under the lip to ensure that your sink won't leak. Then, drop your new designer tap into place.

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