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Recessed Shelves

If you have a small recessed space that is crying out for a new use, why not create some simple shelving for your wine glasses and cookery books? If you can’t squeeze a normal sized drill into it, help is at hand with the Dremel right angle and drill bit attachment.

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Step 1

Measure the recess and mark up your shelving in the recess. Create a frame from your shelving material to fit the space and affix to the masonary wall. Then cut shelves to fit and using the Dremel 300 Series with right angle attachment and drill bit, drill holes for the shelf supports. Insert shelves.

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Step 2

Dremel's range of attachments are compatible with the Dremel 300, Dremel 400 Series, Dremel 10.8V, Dremel Multipro, Dremel 7800 and Dremel Professional. They comprise a line and circle cutter, a mini saw attachment, wall and floor grout removal kit, a wall tile cutting kit, a multipurpose cutting kit, a shaper/router table, a plunge router attachment, a right angle attachment, as well as, lawn mower and chain saw sharpening attachments.

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