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Restoring Painted Metal

The 414 and 422 felt polishing accessories may help you polish hard-to-reach areas. The 421 Polishing Compound is a solid compound. A small amount will go a long way!

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Step 1

Several layers of paint may be hiding a beautiful metal door plate.

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Step 2

Strip the metal hardware with paint solvent in a well-ventilated area. (Be sure to use eye protection.)

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Step 3

Clean any detailed areas with the 404 bristle brush. Using 421 polishing compound, polish the hardware with the 404 brush or the 429 polishing wheel. A clean felt wheel will work well to remove excess polishing compound and bring the metal to a high luster. Recommended speed: 15.000 rpm.

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Step 4

After you achieve the desired finish, spray the metal hardware with lacquer to maintain its luster.

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